Episode #29: Let them eat forms!

Taking a short break from their trip to *definitely not a terrorist training camp*, Ti Skypes in from the occupied territories of Leon, specifically to bully Emmy for being and woke ginger IDpol person. Kendra guest hosts on Justine’s behalf too.

In Concerned Comrades, we talk about why building the power of the base is the only way to change the world (not stupid and horrible alt-right style nonsense). We also re-establish that Emmy is gross.

Because the Labour Party is not your friend, we have sat down with the Labour Party’s greatest enemy: Auckland Action Against Poverty. Returning friend of the pod, Ricardo, discusses the govt’s response to breadlines outside Work and Income offices. But actually, that segment was snitch the sitch.

In the Labour Party is not your friend, Emmy, Kendra and Ti, dissect this further. We also talk about the 1 billion trees policy and why pine trees are awful at sucking carbon but native trees are excellent suckers. We also add a new sub-segment: “Deselect Julie Anne Genter”.

Finally, we read an article from one of Julie Anne’s friends in the business community about climate change. It’s definitely not terrible and stupid.

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Episode #28: Child Protection in New Zealand

We are back! At! It! Again! No Krispy Kreme, no backflips, just that raw scientific socialism, a hot wad of dialectics just the way you like it babey.

We’re joined again this fortnight by Kendra Cox, the Advocacy Co-coordinator of People Against Prisons Aotearoa and an alumnus of the show from Episode #4! The heart eyes that Emmy is making at her are actually audible if you turn the volume up loud enough. Louder. Little louder. Perfect.

After the Legsgate shower controversy from last fortnight, Concerned Comrades is a tense segment this week. Nonetheless, in the interests of party unity we evaluate who our favourite historical lesbians are. Justine even remembers the names of some!

In Snitch the Sitch, Kendra talks to us about Oranga Tamariki, New Zealand’s child protection agency. OT’s policy of ‘uplifting’ children at birth, overwhelmingly targeting Māori families, has hit the headlines lately and Kendra explains how we got to this awful situation.

Finally, we read Martin Van Beynen’s drooling defence of child confiscations. This article is a clear trickle of the ideology of the ruling class, it really doesn’t get any worse than this folks. You hate to see it.

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Episode #27: The People’s Republic of Plant Barn

It’s Ti’s birthday, but YOU get the gifts! Open the box! Go on, happy birthday sweetheart. Your mother and I love you very, very much. That’s right: three communists are your new dad.

This fortnight on Concerned Comrades, a debate about how to have a shower almost tears apart the show. We make it through with barely any denunciations issued. We also cover 40 years of the NZ Labour Party’s revisionist history, showing what committed class traitors they are.

We let Emmy off tha chain for Snitch The Sitch and she chooses to dish on anticommunism in the indoor plant community. After weeks of intensive thesis work, her mind has finally gone. After the recording we put her down Ole Yeller style. Pour one out for our dead haumi.

Finally, for our Cum In My Library segment we play soggy socialist biscuit with a thinkpiece by an up-and-comer in NZ’s eugenics scene. Because this goon interviewed Justine on the radio, this time… it’s personal.

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Episode #25: This milkshake kills fascists!

There’s been a whole year of SHPP. One year of galaxy-brained takes, impassioned denunciations of capitalism, and extremely inappropriate and unexpected sex jokes. We’re celebrating by recording our regular fortnightly episode of SHPP.

We start with “Concerned Comrades”, weighing in on the important questions around celebrity dogs, milkshakes-as-antifa-tactics, and socialist fashun tips.

In “Snitch the Sitch”, reflect on the first year of SHPP and the political reasons for the show.

Finally, we all Come in My Library at another incredible Kate Hawkesby reading. You’re going to love it.

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Episode #24: Protect Ihumātao, an interview with Pania Newton (+ other SHPP nonsense)

This episode follows the Politburo on our trip to Ihumātao and beyond. The show was recorded in two parts. Everything other than Snitch the Sitch was recorded while very not sober, which we hope adds to the charm.

The episode starts with a nonsensical description of our day from a very blazed Ti. It’s mostly coherent and pretty funny.

Concerned Comrades is a lot this week. Justine and Ti get through the first two questions with a straight face before completely losing it in the last question and forgetting to re-record it. You get the joyful mess that is two best buds trying to be serious but struggling hard af.

Snitch the Sitch takes us to Ihumātao, where Emmy, Justine and Ti interview Pania Newton, one of the leaders of the peaceful occupation of stolen land. The interview outlines the history of the land, its importance, the struggle to reclaim it, as well as what you can do to help. You can find out more on their website here: www.protectihumatao.com/. If you’re based abroad, you can donate to their givealittlehttps://givealittle.co.nz/cause/protectihumatao-1#
However, if you’re in NZ, please use their bank account and directly donate. Their number is 38-9017-0062452-00

Finally, in Come in My Library, we read another gem from our returning champion Mike Hosking. Somehow Justine’s takes get 10x hotter when high but Ti just becomes a mess. You’re so welcome.

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