Episode #26: The Labour Party is Not Your Friend — Budget 2019 SPECIAL EPISODE

We’re very please to release a special episode dedicated to why the Labour Party is not your friend. This is a deep-dive into Budget 2019, the so-called “Wellbeing Budget”.

We interview 6 educators, agitators and organisers about why this budget falls woefully short. A full transcript is available on peoplespolitburo.com.

First, we talk to Ben Rosamond from the primary teachers’ union NZEI. Ben outlines why teachers are angry af about this budget and the current crisis in education. He also spills the tea about the teachers’ strike and the struggle going forward.

Then, we sit down with Nadia Abu-Shanab, who is an early childhood teacher and new mum. Nadia outlines the very real danger that children are placed in because of the chronic under-funding of early childhood education. She makes an important feminist case for why we need free, universal early childhood education in Aotearoa. P.s. Nadia was the kween who wrote that letter with Justine to Lorde: thespinoff.co.nz/society/12-10-20…letter-to-lorde/

A little awkwardly, our third “guest” is Ti Lamusse: SH People’s Politburo panelist, socialist, homosexualist, and researcher in criminal justice issues. Ti discusses how Labour is prioritising imprisonment over housing and why this was not a Wellbeing Budget for impoverished communities.

Our fourth guest is Vanessa Cole, a formidable housing researcher and PhD candidate at the University of Auckland. Vanessa talks about how the housing announcements aren’t nearly enough to address the housing crisis and chronic homelessness.

Then we talk with Anna Sturman (PhD candidate at USyd) about how the Wellbeing Budget fundamentally fails to deal with climate change. Anna does an incredible job outlining the political economy of climate change and why we can’t fund our way out of disaster. Anna is a member of the Australian-based Climate Justice Collective. You can find out more here: climatejusticeaustralia.org/

Finally, our returning champion and ASMR expert, Ricardo Menéndez March lays down some truths about welfare. Ricardo demonstrates how the Wellbeing Budget dooms hundreds of thousands of people to continuing poverty because of low benefit rates.

From this collective analysis, the Politburo concludes that the Labour Party is absolutely not your friend.

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Episode #25: This milkshake kills fascists!

There’s been a whole year of SHPP. One year of galaxy-brained takes, impassioned denunciations of capitalism, and extremely inappropriate and unexpected sex jokes. We’re celebrating by recording our regular fortnightly episode of SHPP.

We start with “Concerned Comrades”, weighing in on the important questions around celebrity dogs, milkshakes-as-antifa-tactics, and socialist fashun tips.

In “Snitch the Sitch”, reflect on the first year of SHPP and the political reasons for the show.

Finally, we all Come in My Library at another incredible Kate Hawkesby reading. You’re going to love it.

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Episode #22: Should Academics be Activists?

This fortnight’s episode is another in the more reflective genre. Justine and Ti talk on the themes of building left organisations in Aotearoa, as well as specifically whether academics should be activists.

In concerned comrades, the Politburo answers questions about rural socialist organising, making concessions to build mass power, and the tensions between combating climate change and other political necessities.

We introduce a new segment of “Theory Faeries” (Ti can’t pronounce it properly). This segments is going to be where we talk ideas in hopefully a funny, informative, and entertaining way. Sometimes we’ll have interviews, sometimes we’ll read a book, and sometimes we’ll just talk nonsense. This fortnight, we unpack whether academics should be activists.

If you came for the memes, however, this episode isn’t all dry analysis. We’ve got you covered in our reading of a truly incredible Newstalk ZB article. You’re so welcome.

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Episode #20: The Union Train’s A-Comin’ Comin’ Comin’

Hey babe, it’s time to get aboard this union train. This episode of SHPP, in the tradition of Pete Seeger (the grandaddy of weed and union songs), we talking unions.

The episode starts out with some important self-crit from Comrades Emmy and Ti before quickly moving on to a denunciation of their employers.

Then, in “Concerned Comrades”, Emmy proudly tells on herself while Ti provide nuanced analysis of the differences between being horny, being a leftist, and being a horny leftist. You better be ready to get neck-deep in scientific socialism, comrades.

This fortnight, we “Snitch the Sitch” with Ben Peterson from FIRST Union and Unions Wellington. Ben is a formidable socialist union organiser who has made bosses tremble at his feet. He spills the tea with Justine and Ti about the future of unionism in Aotearoa, its relationship to social movements and how you unionise your workforce.

Finally, we invite you to cum in our library. This fortnight we read another incredible piece by friend-of-the-show, Kate Hawkesby. You’re welcome.

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Episode #19: A Very Kosher Episode

This fortnight, Justine and Ti were freed from the authoritarian grips of the Shot Hot People’s President for Life, Emmy. To celebrate, we briefly discuss the political implications of the Season 4 Finale of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars — so SPOILERS AHEAD.

In concerned comrades, we talk about left unity, bratty bottoms, and the relationship between class, identity, and becoming a communist.

We’ve also introduced a new segment this week: “kvetching corner”. This segment is for our panelists to get whatever’s bothering them at that moment off their chests.

Finally, we return to a friend of the show when we invite you to come in my library. We destroy this conservatoid so hard we make Charlie Kirk look like a soggy biscuit.

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Episode #9: Fuck You From Israel!

E hoa mā, nau mai haere mai ki another episode of Shit Hot People’s Politburo! This fortnight we all piled up in Emmy’s bedroom to record another intimate episode of your favourite communist podcast.

We start off talking about the big splash Justine has made on the international stage, being sued by an Israeli “NGO” for the emotional harm her letter to teen heart-throb Lorde caused a handful of Israeli fans. Israel reckons she owes them $19,000. Justine and her co-author Nadia have requested you to support the fundraiser they’re running to support mental health services in Gaza instead: givealittle.co.nz/cause/help-justi…money-for-mental

We have a new segment of the show, The Labour Party Is Not Your Friend, where we talk over the New Zealand centre-left’s repeated betrayals of the working class. This week: petrol taxes and budget surpluses!

We also bring our intellectual might to bear on your personal problems. Are your children exhibiting liberal tendencies? We’ll fix them right up after a brief, ten-hour long session of brutally-enforced self-criticism. This fortnight we absolutely fucking self-destruct arguing over a listener’s question concerning Harry Potter. As always, DMs are open on our Twitter account: twitter.com/pplspolitburo

At the end of this month, the forces of reaction and imperialism are descending on New Zealand for the annual New Zealand Defence Industry Association weapons expo, for a bonanza of weapons wheeling and dealing. Members of YOUR politburo will be going down to the expo, to gawk at the carnage and put our bodies on the line to bully arms dealers. We fill you in on what the Wexpo is and how you can help fuck it up. If you want to come along to Wexpo, check our the APA (aucklandpeaceaction.wordpress.com/) and PAW (peaceactionwellington.wordpress.com/) websites and facebook pages for more info.

Finally, we poison our already internet-rotten brains in our Cum In My Library segment, by reading an article from the bottom of the barrel, the WhaleOil blog. This week, some fuckwit argues that climate change doesn’t exist, does exist but we should ignore it, or does exist and we can’t do anything about it anyway so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. This podcast, for one, doesn’t intend to drown in boiling water, so join the revolution comrades.

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