Episode #19: A Very Kosher Episode

This fortnight, Justine and Ti were freed from the authoritarian grips of the Shot Hot People’s President for Life, Emmy. To celebrate, we briefly discuss the political implications of the Season 4 Finale of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars — so SPOILERS AHEAD.

In concerned comrades, we talk about left unity, bratty bottoms, and the relationship between class, identity, and becoming a communist.

We’ve also introduced a new segment this week: “kvetching corner”. This segment is for our panelists to get whatever’s bothering them at that moment off their chests.

Finally, we return to a friend of the show when we invite you to come in my library. We destroy this conservatoid so hard we make Charlie Kirk look like a soggy biscuit.

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Episode #15: Justine has fleas (year in review)

The politburo came together for one final full episode before the summer holiday break in Aotearoa.

Like the year of our lord 2018 itself, this episode was filled with conflict and in-fighting on the left. A psyop “listener” sowed the seeds of division by asking us in #ConcernedComrades what we disagree on. That led to the very clear demarcation of the podcast on the left-to-right spectrum. Who’s the filthy socdem? Who’s the murderous tankie? And who’s the treacherous trot? The answers might surprise you.

For this fortnight’s segment of Snitch the Sitch, we provide you with our year in review. We talk about the achievements of the left in Aotearoa and abroad and the things that got us excited.

In Cum into My Library, we are happy to read for you another of Mike Hosking’s truly marvelous think-pieces for the NZHerald. Hosko, once again, brings galaxy-brain realness to the runway.

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