Episode #21: The Christchurch Mosque Attacks – Mourning, Reflection, Organising

In this episode, we reflect on the Christchurch Mosque Attacks. We talk about the context of Islamophobia in which the attack occurred, the responses to it, and what it means for our organising going forward. This is not a usual episode of the podcast. Don’t expect jokes. We simply provide our open and honest reflection on the most horrific terrorist attack in modern New Zealand history.

Episode #19: A Very Kosher Episode

This fortnight, Justine and Ti were freed from the authoritarian grips of the Shot Hot People’s President for Life, Emmy. To celebrate, we briefly discuss the political implications of the Season 4 Finale of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars — so SPOILERS AHEAD.

In concerned comrades, we talk about left unity, bratty bottoms, and the relationship between class, identity, and becoming a communist.

We’ve also introduced a new segment this week: “kvetching corner”. This segment is for our panelists to get whatever’s bothering them at that moment off their chests.

Finally, we return to a friend of the show when we invite you to come in my library. We destroy this conservatoid so hard we make Charlie Kirk look like a soggy biscuit.

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Episode #11: (TEASER) A funny thing happened on the way to the Weapons Expo

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Show description:
Emmy and Ti were in Palmerston North to protest the NZ Defence Industry Association Forum, also known as the weapons expo. The weapons expo is a gathering of arms and munitions dealers from around the world to sell their war merch. Emmy and Ti were there with Organise Aotearoa and People Against Prisons Aotearoa, with a principled opposition to the weapons industry and imperialism.

In this episode, Emmy and Ti debrief from the action on November 31. Some highlights include: Ti being followed by police for hours while driving and being pulled over without cause a bunch of times, weapons dealers shitting themselves and crying to the cops, and Emmy being arrested and concussed by cops.

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