Episode #31: Special Report from Ihumātao, Part 2

In our second special episode about Ihumātao, Ti explains the developments over the last two days and how you can get further involved.

This struggle is fundamentally important. If you can come to Ihumātao, please do. If you can’t, please share this and all other propaganda to get the word out.

If you can, please donate to SOUL to fund the ongoing occupation.

Bank: Kiwibank
Name: SOUL
Account: 38-9017-0062452-00

From overseas, you’ll also need:
Currency: NZD
Bank Address: Level 1, 727 Waterloo Quay
City: Wellington
Country: New Zealand

SOUL’s address: 1 Ihumatao Quarry Road, Auckland, New Zealand

This series will also cost us a fair bit of money. We want to be able to continue to pay our editor a fair wage, so please either sign up to our Patreon (patreon.com/peoplespolitburo
) or give to our bank account directly:


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