Episode #28: Child Protection in New Zealand

We are back! At! It! Again! No Krispy Kreme, no backflips, just that raw scientific socialism, a hot wad of dialectics just the way you like it babey.

We’re joined again this fortnight by Kendra Cox, the Advocacy Co-coordinator of People Against Prisons Aotearoa and an alumnus of the show from Episode #4! The heart eyes that Emmy is making at her are actually audible if you turn the volume up loud enough. Louder. Little louder. Perfect.

After the Legsgate shower controversy from last fortnight, Concerned Comrades is a tense segment this week. Nonetheless, in the interests of party unity we evaluate who our favourite historical lesbians are. Justine even remembers the names of some!

In Snitch the Sitch, Kendra talks to us about Oranga Tamariki, New Zealand’s child protection agency. OT’s policy of ‘uplifting’ children at birth, overwhelmingly targeting Māori families, has hit the headlines lately and Kendra explains how we got to this awful situation.

Finally, we read Martin Van Beynen’s drooling defence of child confiscations. This article is a clear trickle of the ideology of the ruling class, it really doesn’t get any worse than this folks. You hate to see it.

Ti is still wandering the Spanish hinterlands, like a fresh-faced Red Army soldier who’s there to suck dick and send fascists to the graveyard. To keep the show running in their absence, donate to our Patreon and give us the energy we require! www.patreon.com/peoplespolitburo

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