Episode #25: This milkshake kills fascists!

There’s been a whole year of SHPP. One year of galaxy-brained takes, impassioned denunciations of capitalism, and extremely inappropriate and unexpected sex jokes. We’re celebrating by recording our regular fortnightly episode of SHPP.

We start with “Concerned Comrades”, weighing in on the important questions around celebrity dogs, milkshakes-as-antifa-tactics, and socialist fashun tips.

In “Snitch the Sitch”, reflect on the first year of SHPP and the political reasons for the show.

Finally, we all Come in My Library at another incredible Kate Hawkesby reading. You’re going to love it.

If you like the show and want it to continue, please support us on our Patreon. We need your support to keep this project going long-term. www.patreon.com/peoplespolitburo

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