Episode #22: Should Academics be Activists?

This fortnight’s episode is another in the more reflective genre. Justine and Ti talk on the themes of building left organisations in Aotearoa, as well as specifically whether academics should be activists.

In concerned comrades, the Politburo answers questions about rural socialist organising, making concessions to build mass power, and the tensions between combating climate change and other political necessities.

We introduce a new segment of “Theory Faeries” (Ti can’t pronounce it properly). This segments is going to be where we talk ideas in hopefully a funny, informative, and entertaining way. Sometimes we’ll have interviews, sometimes we’ll read a book, and sometimes we’ll just talk nonsense. This fortnight, we unpack whether academics should be activists.

If you came for the memes, however, this episode isn’t all dry analysis. We’ve got you covered in our reading of a truly incredible Newstalk ZB article. You’re so welcome.

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