Episode #20: The Union Train’s A-Comin’ Comin’ Comin’

Hey babe, it’s time to get aboard this union train. This episode of SHPP, in the tradition of Pete Seeger (the grandaddy of weed and union songs), we talking unions.

The episode starts out with some important self-crit from Comrades Emmy and Ti before quickly moving on to a denunciation of their employers.

Then, in “Concerned Comrades”, Emmy proudly tells on herself while Ti provide nuanced analysis of the differences between being horny, being a leftist, and being a horny leftist. You better be ready to get neck-deep in scientific socialism, comrades.

This fortnight, we “Snitch the Sitch” with Ben Peterson from FIRST Union and Unions Wellington. Ben is a formidable socialist union organiser who has made bosses tremble at his feet. He spills the tea with Justine and Ti about the future of unionism in Aotearoa, its relationship to social movements and how you unionise your workforce.

Finally, we invite you to cum in our library. This fortnight we read another incredible piece by friend-of-the-show, Kate Hawkesby. You’re welcome.

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