Episode #17: There is Power in a Tech Union

After a much-needed summer break, the Politburo is back! Unfortunately, the feudal tradition of knights and dames is also back, with the NZ Labour Party once again name more knights and dames in the latest New Years Honours List. We add yet more evidence to our file on why the Labour Party is not your friend.

In “Concerned Comrades” we answer your burning questions about talking politics with whānau, building a united left front, and the political importance of the big cow.

This fortnight, Justine sat down with Jess from Aotearoa Tech Union for “Snitch the Sitch”. The full interview will be available on our patreon shortly.

Finally, the politburo dissects a truly incredible take from NZ First MP Darroch Ball about Police car chases. You’re welcome.

If you like the show and want it to continue, please support us on our Patreon. We need your support to keep this project going long-term. Special content from this fortnight’s episode will also be made available on patreon only. www.patreon.com/peoplespolitburo

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