Episode #7: Overpriced, Precarious, Black Mold-Infested Home Is Where The Heart Is

We have a full house again this week with Emmy, Ti, Justine, and our honoured guest Vanessa all present to have a discussion about housing.

But before we have that intelligent conversation, we answer desperate pleas for advice from our fans in our Concerned Comrades segment. DMs are open on the @pplspolitburo twitter account — if you have a desperate life problem, your best friends are here to tell you how only Protracted People’s War can fix it.

After we improve your lives, we talk with Vanessa about her work with Tāmaki Housing Group, a collective of state housing tenants who organised to fight back against the government-led gentrification of Glen Innes. As the housing crisis deepens and renters are being forced into worse and more precarious positions, Vanessa talks us through some of the conflicts and contradictions inherent in capitalist housing provision. We come to a pretty unanimous consensus around what is to be done.

Finally, we wrap up by reading confirmed fucking moron Barry “A Landlord” Soper’s article bemoaning the unfair bullying landlords currently experience for no other reason than that they are utterly unproductive parasites.

As Mao Zedong teaches, revolutionaries are like fish and the people are our water. If you want to kick us a cup of the good shit and keep us from suffocating, consider supporting the show on Patreon.

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