Episode #6: Edit that out Joe!

Thankfully, the Shit Hot People’s President-for-Life, Emmy, has been deposed. The downtrodden workers, Justine and Ti, had had enough of the failed policies of Comrade Emmy, launching a people’s cultural revolution and taking back control of the politburo.

Having removed the former President-for-Life, Justine and Ti introduce a new segment to the show: “Edit that out Joe”. In this segment, we talk about current events from New Zealand and around that we’d rather were just edited out of history. This fortnight, we talk John McCain, Netanyahu, and white Australia.

Following our necessary improvement of the historical records, we discuss revolutionary activity in Aotearoa/New Zealand in “Snitch the Sitch”. We talk about the upcoming visit of the neo-Fascist, Nigel Farage, to Auckland and what we’re doing to oppose him. Check out the facebook event for the counter-rally here.

In our returning segment, “Concerned Comrade”, we reply to questions from comrades for the politburo. Our comrades ask truly important questions. We provide truly profound answers.

Finally, we read a piece by New Zealand’s greatest shit-for-brains columnist, Mike Hosking. We hope you enjoy Hosking’s sheer stupidity as much as we did.

As Mao Zedong teaches, revolutionaries are like fish and the people are our water. If you want to kick us a cup of the good shit and keep us from suffocating, consider supporting the show on Patreon.

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