Episode 4: Shit Hot People’s President-For-Life

Ti and Justine have both been banished to Siberia, Emilie has seized absolute power over the podcast! At least until next time, when both of them will be back from vacation.

Emmy uses her newfound dictatorial powers to invite her favourite Māoris on the show to talk about Māori politics.

Huriana (@Maorimarxist) and Kendra (@Kendraghhh)join the show to discuss allegations of child sexual abuse among the Māori bourgeoisie, and pick apart some of the problems with a culturalist politics that doesn’t base itself on a critique of capitalism. We talk through the way that Māori capitalists have perpetuated the class inequality which kills working class Māori, and the history of Treaty of Waitangi settlements in creating this class.

After our mailbag segment answering listener questions, we read galaxy-brained NZ Herald columnist Rachel Stewart’s article defending homophobic bakers, and discuss the veiled, bird-powered death threat she made against us on twitter.

As Mao Zedong teaches, revolutionaries are like fish and the people are our water. If you want to kick us a cup of the good shit and keep us from suffocating, consider supporting the show: www.patreon.com/peoplespolitburo

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