Episode #3: A Way to Occupy Some Time

The Politburo is down a member this week as Justine has been banished to Hawai’i, accused of revisionism.

Ti and Emmy attempt to draw our listeners’ attention away from Justine’s conspicuous absence by interviewing friend of the show and all around great gal Avigail from Dayenu: New Zealand Jews Against Occupation. She runs us through the history of Israel’s occupation of Palestine, the historical and contemporary injustices being perpetrated there, and then tells us what New Zealand’s Jewish community is doing to right these wrongs.

We read an article by Rob Berg attempting to defend the Israeli Defense Force’s recent massacre of Palestinian civilians and crack some jokes about how dogshit it is while trying to pick out the brainworms it gives us. Every week these articles actually make us dumber, so look forward to Episode 69, by which we’ll finally be incapable of the torture which is human consciousness.

If you want to get involved with Dayenu as a member or a supporter, check out their social media.

As Mao Zedong teaches, revolutionaries are like fish and the people are our water. If you want to kick us a cup of the good shit and keep us from suffocating, consider supporting the show on Patreon.


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