Episode #2: Eat the Rich

In this episode, Justine, Emmy and Ti talk welfare, and capitalism.

In the “Snitch the Sitch” segment, they interview Ricardo Menéndez and Aroha Newby from Auckland Action Against Poverty (AAAP). AAAP is currently running a campaign to end sanctions on welfare payments, with a focus on sanctions that punish single mothers for not naming the father of a child on the child’s birth certificate.

Aroha stuck around for our segment, “Come into my library”, to discuss Mike Yardley’s masterpiece, “Taxpayers getting royally screwed by Greens’ plan to repeal ‘excessive’ benefit sanctions.” Yardley’s provocative article provides truly enlightening insight into the ruling class’ hatred of the poor.

If you’re keen to get more involved with AAAP, check out its website: https://www.aaap.org.nz/.

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